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Agreed Payment for repair
Electronic/Phone Repairs
This is a price invoice for electronic repair payments.
Refer to invoice notes for comments or description of work.
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Here you can pay for  the work agreed or contact me for further information relating to electronic repairs. Read below for Guidance:-

  • Phone screen repair can be carried out. I am however not a high street repairer, and don't carry phone screen stocks. Materials are ordered in.
  • For data recovery from a non starting phone, recovery is not guaranteed, and may require screen replacements if not working that may or may not be successful. You should balance the need for the data against the cost. I utilise a microscope to check phone chip & ribbon contacts and can provide pictures/videos of any issues with chip contacts or ribbon contacts, corrosion, breakages etc, such things can sometimes be repaired.
  • An average screen repair could be £30 plus postage , however some screens can be more expensive and be £100 or more. Below is some guidance re trouleshooting your phone.
  • Postage is extra.
  • For Apple phones, if you don't have your original home button, it is unlikely the home button will be able to do fingerprint ID, if you have a previously working home button for fingerprint ID keeping this will retain its functionality. Otherwise it will be just the home button with no Finger ID if it's required to be changed.

  • If the screen is blank or won't start check the battery voltage - normally 3.8V, below 2V likely its damaged, however possibly higher voltages it will still be damaged.
  • A battery can be damaged but show full voltage. Poor battery health can cause phones to reboot when being used but will show good voltage.
  • Replacing a battery and it still doesn't work may still be the battery, about 30% of the batteries I purchase to date need replacing due to damage in transit (assumed).
  • If unsure contact me to attempt repair
  • Full repair is never guaranteed, you can place a cost limit on the repair attempt, if on inspection it is deemed it will be in excess, you will only pay for time spent on the assessment.

  • Assessments and repair attempts all incur a charge for the labour and materials involved. This is payable upfront but is not a guarantee of repair success if the phone is otherwise beyond reasonable repair cost. Labour and materials is always payable and kept to a minimum.

  • Send a contact request from the contact form for details of the issues and I will send you an estimate and initial payment for you to process online.
  • Other electronic repair works can be carried out - Contact with any query.

+44 01634 724121 (fax)


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