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What we don't do
We don't do Any of the above.

Picture 1: All the above pictures are actual examples of work found carried out out by people posing as electricians. The first picture is of a cable just 2 days old installed by a builders electrician in the SE7 area. This was a potential fire hazard I was called to fault find. You also see a socket replaced by council electricians where they replaced without abrasion protection causing the cable insulation to break and subsequent arcing. The cable on the floor is also the work of someone claiming to be an electrician. The sockets and plumbing work could have been either the plumber or electrician, whichever one competence and household safety don't spring to mind.
Picture 2: This under sink masterpiece carried out by people claiming to be competent where it was fitted onto a non secure piece of ply with inadequate IP rating for its environment.
Picture 3: We don't grout in sockets making them inaccessible for maintenance either. This work carried out by people claiming to be electricians were also employed by an official body to do so.

There are numerous other examples, avoid being left with the above or something similar.

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