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In this Video the Soundwave is on a good day, but u just get electronic noise still with the guitar off, generally speaking it is twice as bad as in the video from memory. Priorly it has also interfered with the sound when playing also. I've dealt with noisy pedals before, sometimes it can be a broken wire thats hard to discern without a microscope, however generaly this would sound far worse with more constant noise.

Having strange sounds is one thing, having just electrical noise when there should be nothing I'm not sure is advertised. So the noise is only eliminated on a very specific voltage which I've set with a regulator in line with the supply to the pedal to isolate it from anything else. Nonetheless it is the voltage that removes electrical noise.

With a higher regulated voltage from the power supply it is overly sensitive, too much feedback outside of normal expectations, this is pretty much eliminated with the tweaked voltage.

This is so for 2 of the soundwave pedals from different sources that have been tried, I will say that the electrical noise has been far worse, which is why I have looked at how to eliminate the noise when the pedal is attached, having that through the amp or if used inline with another pedal generally not helpful..its not as advertised really.

Previously the noise has just been far more intrusive, much stronger and more constant today is the first day I've heard it that quiet.

This video is a bit like going to the doctor, u get better on the day, its usually far worse... so I must say its never usually as this, its just usually with more constant dominant electrical noise.

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