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Subscription to learning & Trading
Subscription to Trading is for professionals and learners alike, however it is more suited to those who are familiar to the strategies and Trading. This is essentially subscribing to mentoring and also to watch over the shoulder of trades being taken by myself. It is not the same as traning, as training will prvide specific knowledge and guidance individualised to your development. Essentially I post trades and charts being watched/taken and review how these are identified and managed. This enables people learning to look at the same trades and see how they are identified and managed, helping them to learn alongside someone more experienced in Trading in order to learn.

For experienced Traders it helps maintenance of good practice and provides trade perspectives to trade, it also enables sharing of trade ideas to be looked at, and helps with overcoming the issue of ongoing mentoring as well.

Professional traders come in many forms, and you will either have, or learn your own particular style, but there are some fundamentals you cannot get away from if you want to be a successful trader if currently learning. There is a lot of individual psychology in self-management and motivation, as well as key professional knowledge that you cannot escape from needing to learn to be consistently successful in trading.

The subscription entails notifications of trades being looked at, and 1:1 review of your trades and how to improve, including review of trades notified of and how managed.

Begin your journey correctly here, and work toward the success you deserve.
Subscription has to be purchased seperately to any other items.
Subscribe to Training/Mentoring
Other Payments
Subscribe to Training & Mentoring. £20 Month Trial and £100 thereafter
20.00 £

+44 01634 724121 (fax)

Based in outer London/Medway UK
Training and mentoring for FX Trading
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