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CCTV Installations
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Cameras don't need to look clumbersum using   bullet cameras with the correct focal length and resolution.   Using bullet, or dome cameras can enhance your property   without loss of aesthetics and provide 24hr recorded   security. Choice will depend on coverage and security   requirements from providing an overview to more detailed   footage for identification and evidence.
CCTV systems installed can be monitored over   the internet when away on holiday to check on the security   of your home, motion sensing, linked to alarm systems, PIR sensors for   recording, or be permanently recording from approximately   2 weeks to up to 16 weeks depending on choice and budget.   You can have from 4 to 16 cameras recording simultaneously,   and be able to go to a precise time easily to review footage   and export the recording through your PC for evidence   transfer. You can manage the system and also    record remotely onto your local computer for securing   evidence whilst away.
Camera choice will depend on your budget and viewing   needs. Systems employ colour in the day and infra red   illumination at night. You can have   unobtrusive cameras for aesthetics and utilise covert   cameras indoors if you wish to have internal monitoring   concealed.
  • PTZ control for cameras with electrical mountings   for zoom and panning if carrying out live monitoring or   needing to change orientation for differing needs.
  • Motion sensing linked to PIRs
  • Motion sensing linked to alarm sensors
  • Viewable over network or internet with password   protection
  • BNC, RGB video outputs
  • Integral hard drive with additional remote recording   from own computer over network or internet possible.
  • Camera choice dependent on monitoring needs.

Available systems may change and will be dependant on availability at time of order.

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