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Anyone new to trading will encounter a wealth of emotions, and learning needs in relation to overcoming the fears, anxiety, greed/excitement, and also mental clouding associated with trade decisions due to mental blocks from information overload. I have created this Site to share trading knowledge, and hopefully help others to overcome psychological and learning issues associated with learning to trade, and to demonstrate the benefits of technical trading.

My background is from humble origins, working as a labourer in my teens, then some time in building work, a short study period. then engineering, labouring, and machining,  eventually leading to psychiatric nursing. Whilst training I also studied family therapy at Cardiff and London Clinics. I also studied hypno-psychotherapy in London and I practiced as a private hypno-psychotherapist for approx 15yrs whilst still working as a Nurse.

Financially I invested in some personally funded property development initially, after which regulations changed and I sat through City & Guilds for 17th edition BS7671 2382-10, also 2391-10 inspection and testing as an electrician. I eventually became interested in trading from an encounter at work during the 2008 financial crisis. Stocks and shares was always something of an obscure term to me and seemed almost as if it was out of reach. However, one day at work I asked someone looking at stocks to explain the FTSE to me, though they were unable to explain adequately, but I noticed the charts and price movement. After some quick basic maths I realised the intraday potential and so opened up an account for equities, eventually progressing to CFDs and then spread trading on margin, knowledge of which I came about through talking to traders at my brokers over the phone.

My loves aside from my family are music, in my youth I played the Violin, and then the Flute, and of course now Trading. I still relax to mellow music and meditate - having said that I enjoy everything from classical to heavy metal.

I now trade for profit successfully and class myself as a professional trader. I trade forex predominately through a spread-betting account whilst maintaining my day job, but I will trade any market whether forex, commodities or equities etc. From May 2019 I am a full time retail trader. Previously I traded my own way without much knowledge, but with some early successes and failures using larger volume high percentile swing trades. I took a break from the markets for approx 2yrs or more due to my trading style being stressful, and came back to look at trading more logically. I initially returned with self-directed study and during this time I initially accrued 60% gain over 4 months, trading for 2 of the months, (during 2011 - early 2012). Subsequently I started to look at technical analysis and then after some searching I started with more focus from June 2012. To gain professional guidance I embarked on gaining experience with traders who have become full time independent professionals from their everyday jobs, which was conveniently provided through a broker. Prior to June 2012 I had some knowledge of technical analysis through chart observation and internet referencing from around February 2012. I now utilise chart reading/analysis , being able to make more regular consistent profit from the markets. I have attained more with technical analysis by gaining  focus on the core skills for technical trading, namely trend analysis, and understanding of price movement in relation to patterns reflecting market consensus, in conjunction with indicators to understand momentum and direction, and of course most of all psychological discipline.

There are no frills on this site, the training advertised translates my experience of trading along with the mindset I have had to acquire to overcome the many psychological and learning issues that surround trading the markets, and if you ever trade seriously you will come to find this is an ongoing process.
My reason for trading is for financial/personal independence. I provide a trading course for those who are serious about learning to Trade which offers ongoing mentoring. Use the above links to navigate the site. Learn how to make money from the markets.

Above all - Happy, stress-free Trading!

+44 01634 724121 (fax)

Based in outer London/Medway UK
Training and mentoring for FX Trading
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