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£9 per week
9.00 £
£33 per Month
33.00 £
£363 per year (1 month free)
363.00 £
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Subscription allows you access to the website and online mentoring submissions where you can submit your trades and get feedback and guidance via online webinars. Course videos require purchase of the course.

  • The full course entails 1:1 review of your trades and how to improve, including review of trades notified of and how managed. I cover 5 main strategies and other technical analysis to cover various market conditions which are outlined further in the training which form the basis of Trend following trading which is the time proven system of successful trading in any market conditions. Custom Indicators for full course members are heavily discounted (50% discount).

  • The Course Materials Access gives access to the full course without mentoring which can be purchased seperately if so desired. Custom indicators are also purchased seperately. Course access members can receive a 20% discount voucher for the custom indicators.

+44 01634 724121 (fax)

Based in outer London/Medway UK
Training and mentoring for FX Trading
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