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Professional Retail Trading
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Trading Course Options
Training and mentoring
Full course Training and mentoring with proprietory indicators at 50% cost to become an online retail or professional trader
1090.00 £
Course includes full course access with 2hrs individual mentoring. Includes 50% off indicators
Course access with mentoring seperately purchased
Access to the full course materials but without mentoring and with 20% off custom indicators. Training and live examples included.
790.00 £
Access to the course material and videos with monthly trade reviews. Custom indicators at 20% discount
Training and mentoring
Upgrade from the Course only access to access to the full course materials with 2hrs mentoring and custom indicators with at least 50% discount.
300.00 £
Upgrade to the full course access from course only purchase. (No time limit)
What is Trading?
What trading is will be something you will learn through experience and guidance. During the course you are guided through the basic concepts of what trading is, how to read charts, what to look for and how to look for it. How to scan, what to scan for, what the setups are, and how to read a chart to anticipate what is most likely to happen, and not what the news and media hype tell you, and you can do mentoring with myself through online conference live during the trading sessions.

Professional traders come in many forms, and you will learn your own particular style, but there is some fundamental knowledge you cannot get away from if you want to be a successful trader. There is a lot of individual psychology in self-management and motivation, as well as key professional knowledge that you cannot escape from needing to learn to be consistently successful in trading.

  • The full course entails 1:1 review of your trades and how to improve, including review of trades notified of and how managed. I cover 5 main strategies and other technical analysis to cover various market conditions which are outlined further in the training which form the basis of Trend following trading which is the time proven system of successful trading in any market conditions. Custom Indicators for full course members are heavily discounted (50% discount).

  • The Course Materials Access gives access to the full course without mentoring which can be purchased seperately if so desired. Custom indicators are also purchased seperately. Course access members can receive a 20% discount voucher for the custom indicators.
Whatever you trade the below approaches can be applied to any chart, any timeframe, and any means of trading

  • Trading with the custom trend convergence and trade signals indicator (not available elsewhere)
  • FLC (Fibonacci Level confluence)
  • MA trades (Moving average setups)
  • Breakouts
  • MDS (Divergence and support)
  • Fractal and Trendline Trading (TD)
  • Other aspects of Technical analysis

Begin your journey correctly here, and work toward the success you deserve.

+44 01634 724121 (fax)

Based in outer London/Medway UK
Training and mentoring for FX Trading
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